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Health Harmony Soul Expo 2017 Gold Coast Convention Center.. The Health Harmony Soul Festival is a peaceful and spiritual environment, with background music from 20th, 21st & 22nd January, 2017 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Over 100 exhibitors + Popular Psychic Reading Room. Leaders .. Pain Free Enterprises has been involved in the Health Harmony & Soul Expos for over 4 years!

Bobby Running Fox Cherokee Medicine Man Son Eagle Dancer

First time event for son of famous Australian Aboriginal Actor David Gulpilil the Son Jida Gulpilil meets renouned Native American Cherokee Medicine Man Bobby Running Fox and Son Eagle Dancer for tribal dance and sing a very special gathering of the spirits.

Jida Gulpilil Bobby Running Fox Eagle Dancer 2017 Harmony and Soul Expo Gold Coast Convention Center

How to find your perfect mate 2 spirit guided men meet up in Australia on the Gold Coast to create new journies with son Mivon ( Eagledancer ). Runningfox spends time doing individual heals and workshops all over the world. Runningfox witnessed many wonderful encounters of miraculous healings over 3 days that gave him powerful tools to help those that came to him. Are you ready for your journey?

Jida Gulpilil Bobby Running Fox Lutha

Overwhelming experience Lutha Cora arrives to get amongst the spiritaul gathering with song and dance with Native american Bobby Running fox the start of many jounies now for the future of all tribes.

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